The Slice pizza takeaway in Bath

A new pizza takeaway in Bath wants to become the city’s go-to lunch destination.

Co-owner of The Slice, Ben Shayegan, promises to offer Italian food on the go in a way which he believes hasn’t been perfected in the UK yet – after the business opened on Tuesday, April 17.

He said: “No one has really brought this style of Italian pizza to England. There are a few places in London trying to do it but in my opinion, they’re not doing it right.”

The team behind The Slice are the same people behind The Oven Pizzeria on Saw Close, who rate highly on TripAdvisor for the best place to grab a pizza in Bath.

Fabrizio Mancinetti, who is the head chef at The Oven Pizzeria, will also be overseeing the making of pizzas at The Slice.

The clue to the style of pizza on offer at The Slice is in the name of the business – Mr Shayegan is determined to offer high-quality takeaway cuisine – by the slice.

In Italy pizza by the slice is called Pizza al Taglio.

Mr Shayegan added: “If you don’t have time for a sit-down lunch and you need a slice of Italy on the move, we have you covered!

“This style is baked slowly in long trays, ensuring a slightly thicker, yet still crisp chewy base.”

The crisper base is easier to hold and eat on the move, which is crucial to The Slice’s business model – there will only be a couple of tables outside for those who want to hang around and eat.

The Slice will be “very affordable” with a £5 lunch deal on offer including a pizza slice, side and a drink.

Full trays will also be available, with 12 slices available for £25 – something Mr Shayegan thinks will be perfect for office meetings or parties at home.

As well as the pizza other Italian dishes will be on the menu, including sweet treats.

The non-pizza options include golden fried Arancini risotto balls, delicious homemade cannelloni, pastries and coffee.

The takeaway also has an alcohol licence, so prosecco, wine and beer will be available to accompany your food.

So who does Mr Shayegan think The Slice will appeal to?

“I think this appeals to everyone”, he said. “But it’s perfect for busy people. We’ve had a real range so far, from older people to a group of 14-year-olds on a school break.”

Vegetarian and vegan options are available, with plans to introduce gluten-free items in the future. The Slice could also be on Deliveroo and other takeaway delivery apps very soon.

The Slice is at 3 New Bond Street Buildings, BA1 1BL, where the café Dolce used to be.

It will be open seven days a week from 11 am until 11 pm.

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