‘Rude’ mum slammed after teacher shares messages about virtual classes

A “rude” parent has been slammed on social media for her “bonkers” reply to a message from her child’s primary school teacher about an upcoming virtual class.

Schools have been forced to try and teach their students through video calls and online learning due to the coronavirus pandemic – but an already difficult situation for teachers has been made harder by unruly parents.

An example of such an issue has been shared on Reddit by an exasperated teacher and has quickly gone viral, the Mirror reports.

The sarcastic post says: “I am a teacher navigating this bonkers online format. Luckily parents are super rational.”



A screenshot shows a message sent out by the teacher to a French class, telling students and parents that they would be working on whiteboards in the upcoming week, and giving alternatives if they didn’t have one.

The mum replies to say: “On a Sunday afternoon you expect us to have whiteboards available by tomorrow?”

When the teacher points out that her child has a whiteboard on the wall at her home, she replies to say: “And clearly none of your business as she is not supposed to use it for school. How dare you peer into my personal space and say that! 🙂

“Whether it is on Zoom or not, you do not have the right AS HER TEACHER, to peer into my personal space to say what is or not is on my walls.”

The teacher explains: “She has used it in class. I apologise that that was not made clear. But she has used it on several occasions.”

The mum responds: “I know that…thanks for the heads up!!

“EITHER WAY, it is not YOUR PLACE to comment on my home! And what I have in it! That WAS MADE CLEAR!!”

The rude messages left others stunned, with one person responding: “Sounds like she just wanted to be upset about something and when you pointed out that she had no reason to be, it turned into that.”

Another person said: “Teachers seriously do not get paid enough to deal with all the s*** they do.”

Another wrote: “Holy f***ing s***. People are so stupid. I feel bad for that child – and of course the teacher, you must have the patience of a saint.”

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