Consultation launched on proposed changes to local on-street parking

Residents and businesses across the area are being asked for their views on proposed changes to on-street parking across B&NES, including the introduction of emissions-based parking permits.

A four-week consultation has been launched, running until midnight on 24th May, giving locals a chance to have their say on changes including moving visitor parking to off-street car parks.

Although WECA is the regional transport authority, the proposals have been developed by Bath & North East Somerset Council and are designed to improve air quality.

A council spokesman said: “These proposals are designed to complement the council’s ongoing work to improve air quality, cut congestion and reduce vehicle intrusion into neighbourhoods.

“We want to hear what people think of them and how they will be impacted by the proposals. Please take part and have your say.”

One of the main changes proposed is the introduction of emissions-based parking permits for all residents’ parking zones to improve air quality and encourage people to switch to low emission vehicles.

B&NES Council says residents parking permit prices have not been reviewed since 2013.

Vehicles would be placed in a charging band according to their recorded CO2 emissions with the DVLA.

Residents can check DVLA records to confirm their emissions, or engine capacity, online at

Under the proposal, the base price of a residents’ parking permit would remain at £100 a year, with a second permit costing £160 where the most polluting vehicle on the permit emits less than 131g/km of CO2.

Charges for higher polluting vehicles would increase by five per cent for each subsequent emissions band.

Diesel vehicles would be subject to an additional 25 per cent surcharge in order to reduce NO2 emissions in the shortest possible time.

Where an emissions rating is not available, including vehicles registered before 2001, charges would be based on engine capacity on a similar sliding scale.

As well as moving to an emissions-based residents’ parking permit scheme, other proposed changes include:

  • Residents’ parking visitor permit charges to be increased by 50p a day in year one with subsequent rises of 25p a day in years two and three.
  • A review of hotel, guest house and holiday let permits – to reallocate the parking to car parks and to include the introduction of digitised permits.
  • A review of medical permits – to include the introduction of digitised permits to counter misuse and an increase to bring the charge in-line with residents’ permits.
  • An increase in trade permit charges.
  • The introduction of half-day paper visitor permits to support vulnerable residents unable to access the financial savings offered by digital permits.

Revenue from the proposals would pay for their implementation and running costs with any surplus used to support the development of sustainable transport schemes across Bath and North East Somerset.

To view the proposals and take part in the consultation visit:

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the council has adapted its consultation to online methods, so residents can see proposals and provide feedback safely.

Information about the consultation is available on request in other languages, audio, Braille, large print or other formats. To request another format or a paper copy if you do not have internet access, contact Council Connect on 01225 394041 or email [email protected]

Once the first phase of the consultation is complete, results will be published on the local authority’s website with a decision on the final proposals to be made at a cabinet meeting.

There will be a further opportunity to feedback when the Traffic Regulation Orders, are advertised.

Full details for the proposals can be viewed here.

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