Baghpat’s Youth Icon Aman Kumar has been awarded with doctorate of philosophy from Australian University

The 20-year-old youth, Aman Kumar from Tyodhi, who has made remarkable contributions in the field of youth empowerment and social development, has been conferred with a Doctorate of Philosophy degree by Australia’s Abide University based on his exceptional qualifications. This honor has left everyone astonished.

Aman has been recognized previously with various accolades, including Shiksha Ratna, Young Transformer, Educator of the Year, and Responsible Citizen, for his efforts in bringing social change through information communication technology. Now, with the prestigious Doctorate degree, there is an atmosphere of joy among his family members.

It is worth mentioning that Aman, while serving as the President of Udaan Youth Group, affiliated with Nehru Youth Kendra Baghpat, successfully conducted the Project Contest 360, a communication technology-based project, providing educational opportunities to 7 million people within a span of 18 months. Additionally, through the QR app developed by him, millions of people were benefitted during the Kanwar Yatra & Nikay Nirvachan in Baghpat.

Aman credits his success to the guidance of District Magistrate Raj Kamal Yadav, District Youth Officer Arun Tiwari, and International Scientist Dr. Ramkaran Sharma, under whose constant mentorship he has undertaken various projects. Aman stated that this moment is a proud one for him, as his work is being appreciated by various institutions. He dedicated his Doctorate degree to those individuals whose guidance and encouragement have led him to succeed in his endeavors for social change.

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