Apprentice scheme launched to tackle national radiographer shortage

An in-house apprenticeship scheme has been launched at the Royal United Hospital in Bath to help tackle a national shortage of radiographers.

Clinical Education Lead Suzanne Boyle, former apprentice Pat Jenkins, current apprentice Freddie Marshall and former apprentice James Nixon | Photo © RUH

Radiographers help in the diagnosis of patients by capturing images of bones, organs and human tissue.

They may work with X-rays, CT scans, MRIs or ultrasounds in a variety of places, from operating theatres to accident and emergency rooms.

Traditionally, Therapeutic Radiographers and Diagnostic Radiographers would join the hospital after graduating from university.

However, new apprenticeship pathways are giving those without suitable academic qualifications like A-levels the opportunity to learn on the job, gaining the relevant additional qualifications they need while studying with a variety of education providers, including Weston College.

The qualifications allow the individual to meet the entry requirements to undertake a BSc (hons) degree apprenticeship to become a state registered radiographer studying at either Exeter University or the University of the West of England (UWE).

The RUH’s Radiology team has two new qualified radiographers about to join them via the apprentice route, and recruitment has already been completed for the next academic year.

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